What have the Scots done for us –Learn English in Scotland

Come to Scotland to learn English

It is argued, and not just by the Scots, that Scotland has made a greater contribution to the modern world than almost any other country.

However, many study travel agents tell us, that, for example, the vast majority of people in many different countries don’t know much about Scotland.

Read why Scotland is a great place to Study Abroad!

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Why should you study abroad?

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Who are we? What do we do?

Many people want to learn a second or even a third language or just study abroadAll About Learning offers information on Boarding Schools, High Schools, Trade Schools & Colleges from all over the world.

You can travel to a foreign destination, anywhere around the world really and attend a school there – studying with international students from all over the world, you will make friendships that last a lifetime while you gain valuable knowledge that will benefit you throughout your life.


We work hard sifting through all of the information provided by schools on our site and also visiting these schools when possible so that our students do not have to. We can help you find the best school in a great area and help organize your accommodation as well.

We can help you with the application process and all of the pre-departure issues that may arise, we will also be there for you and your family once you leave and are attending school.

It is the most amazing way to spend a year or more and it looks great on a resume as well!

We an authorized agent for the English UK association of language schools and were recently awarded the STM Star Award as the Star New Agency of 2011 and the Star North American Agency in 2013 (read more).

  • Boarding Schools abroad

    Basically, a boarding school is a college predatory institute where a student has the opportunity to live in a safe and secure environment together.

  • Colleges & Universities Abroad

    All students are different and are looking for different characteristics in their future schools.University building. Your chances of finding the perfect school can be challenging, despite the high number of quality schools all around the world.

  • High Schools Abroad

    High school years can be some of the best of a young persons life. Students who attend the perfect high school abroad find that they not only learn a lot, but can actually enjoy it!

  • Trade / Vocational Schools Abroad

    While colleges and universities teach well-rounded courses designed to cover a host of subjects, trade / vocational schools focus on the skills you’ll need to perform a specific job.

Who are We?

All About Learning is the subsidiary of the internationally renown language travel agency All About Languages who has been nominated for the past 2 years for an STM award in the categories of “Star New Agency” in 2011 – WINNERS! and in the category of “Star North American Agency” in 2012.