Why should send your child to a boarding school abroadBoarding School Abroad

Are you considering whether you should send your child to study abroad rather than closer home?

Perhaps you are on the fence as to whether schools abroad in Europe, Australia, or the Far East could offer better opportunities for your eager teenager than here home?

Well, you are in for a big surprise.

Read why you should send your child to a boarding school abroad

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The Benefits of Attending High School Abroad High School Abroad

written by: Cynthia Morello

Studying high school abroad offers a unique opportunity to not only grow academically, but also personally and professionally whilst enjoying a once in a lifetime adventure.

There are many other benefits that come with attending high school abroad. In this article, we are going top give the benefits of attending high school abroad.

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De Montfort University De Montfort University


This programme is the perfect option for Latin American students that graduated from an IB Diploma, High school Diploma or for those who graduated from a regular High School and have finished their first year of university. During the IFY (International First Year) our students will take the equivalent to their first year of university but receiving extra academic support and English tuition when needed.

  • Length: 3 terms (9 months)
  • Start Dates: September and January


De Montfort University (DMU) is based in Leicester, in the heart of England, and is only one hour away from London by train. DMU is a vibrant, multicultural university with strong, international industry connections and a history of creative innovation.

Who are we? What do we do?

Many people want to learn a second or even a third language or just study abroadAll About Learning offers information on Boarding Schools, High Schools, Trade Schools & Colleges from all over the world.

You can travel to a foreign destination, anywhere around the world really and attend a school there – studying with international students from all over the world, you will make friendships that last a lifetime while you gain valuable knowledge that will benefit you throughout your life.


We work hard sifting through all of the information provided by schools on our site and also visiting these schools when possible so that our students do not have to. We can help you find the best school in a great area and help organize your accommodation as well.

We can help you with the application process and all of the pre-departure issues that may arise, we will also be there for you and your family once you leave and are attending school.

It is the most amazing way to spend a year or more and it looks great on a resume as well!

We an authorized agent for the English UK association of language schools and were awarded the STM Star Award as the Star New Agency of 2011 and the Star North American Agency in 2013.

Who are We?

All About Learning is the subsidiary of the internationally renown language travel agency All About Languages who has been nominated for an STM award in the categories of “Star New Agency” in 2011 – WINNERS!, in the category of “Star North American Agency” in 2012 and again in 2013 when we won again!